A Week Of Spinning Plates

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This week was one of the busiest I have had for a very long time.

It began with a visit from my old deputy headmaster with whom I am co-writing a book based on his experiences at the hands of what he calls “The Catholic Mafia” and a corrupt headmistress who was jailed for fraud, but not until she has run the school and his career into the ground.

I have been working on it for some time, however with a worldwide pandemic and being very sick with Covid myself earlier in the year, it has been a slow process. The meeting has spurred me on however, and my focus will be primarily here.

So off the back of my meeting face to face with a teacher I haven’t seen in decades, I went straight into filming for an American TV show in regards to my expertise as a paranormal investigator and my knowledge of the location, Spike Island in County Cork. I do love this particular location and cannot recommend enough a trip here if you can!

My team is Irish Paranormal Investigations and we investigated a haunted Abbey ruin in the heart of rural County Limerick for Friday 13th! A place steeped in dark history and folklore, it was a great night! For more on my paranormal adventures you can find me at Dark Emerald Media and Irish Paranormal Investigations on Facebook and as DarkEmeraldAnn and Irish Paranormal Investigations on Instagram. For a history and details of the investigation you can also go to my blog, Dark Emerald Tales!

I have also done more voice acting this week, editing and reading a new poem by my good friend, vlogger, blogger and filmmaker John H Shelton. It is called Earth Warning and a link to it is below. It was also time to revamp and expand my paranormal team page, rebrand my Dark Emerald FB page and get more organised and structured with post and continued my work in a social media/admin role with my publishing company Beul Aithris, who also publish my books! I earned a certification in social media marketing and it makes such a difference with working smarter and not harder, which I will share with you going forward.

How do I manage all this? With the support and love of my daughter Siobhan and of my partner, Dominic McElroy. He knows my instruction manual inside out, has the patience of a saint and keeps me on an even keel.

In between all of this I have been continuing my work in the travel industry and somehow managed to fit in my love of sport and music too! I am going to start posting more regularly here and share my highs, lows and experiences with you.

Thanks for joining me.

Poem and Video by John H Shelton and Poem Edit and Voiceover by Ann Massey


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