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Born of an Irish Family and raised in Kent, England, I have been living back in Ireland for a long time but I definitely have had the best of both worlds, including a hectic London business life for a while.

I have been writing and consulting for many years, providing research, advice and content for all businesses, from rock bands and travel to specialist art and design websites, however, primarily in the fields of folklore and the paranormal. My experience working in the Irish tourism industry has been a huge benefit in building supplier relations and networking for locations and access.

I am Ireland Editor for the UK and Ireland’s top paranormal, horror and dark folklore website, Spooky Isles as well as writing articles and interviewing, both written and video – everyone from Jason Hawes of Ghost Nation and Ghost Hunters, to Jim Fitzpatrick, renowned Irish artist and creator of Thin Lizzy album covers and THAT Che Guevara poster. I have also edited books and articles for many other writers.

My own published works include Dark Emerald Tales, with a 5/5 rating on Amazon and a solid 4/5 rating from the Fortean Times. I have contributed to several books with Gothic Horror stories as well as articles for the likes of Irish Central and been the point of reference and consultation worldwide from academic papers in Denmark to the San Francisco Times.

My travel blog is currently based on my recent visits to New York and was inspired by the many photographs I took and the wonderful experiences I had and both my Dark Emerald Tales and Dark Emerald Travel blogs have built up a worldwide following.

As well as being featured in a video documentary by national media on the Hellfire Club with my paranormal team, I find myself regularly interviewed for my experience on the subjects of the paranormal and folklore and I am consulted regularly on the same. This has led me to be invited to provide back matter essays and research for international comic, WAYWARD and provide locations and research for various companies including LA, East Coast, European and UK based TV production companies, video game production, filmmakers and other writers. My discretion, as well as my expertise and creative edge leave me highly sought after in my fields for consultancy work as well as providing talks on my specialist topics and highly sought after paranormal investigations.

It is these traits and my experience, as well as the excellent relationships I have built across Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA, together with the promotional articles I provide, which have given me so many pioneering opportunities for my paranormal team, Irish Paranormal Investigations.

With more books in the works, including a music collaboration and an historic account of one man against the education system in the UK, I have many strings to my bow as it were, but definitely always time to explore, grow and write more!

I have also been fortunate to become involved with film and video production as both an interviewer, voice actor and writer, with a steadily growing IMDb portfolio as well as musical collaborations with the UK and Germany. My older work can also be found under Ann O’Regan and Ann Massey-O’Regan.

The future is full of ideas and opportunities – I hope you will join me.






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